Northwestern Elevator II Co.
Northwestern Elevator II Co.

Detailed Elevator Repair Services

Includes major and minor repairs on all brands and models of passenger and freight elevators with emphasis on elevators installed between 1950’s - 1990’s.

We have a large inventory of used elevator parts to get your elevator back up and running with a limited amount of down time.

  • Specializing in replacement of hydraulic cylinders
  • State of Wisconsin/City of Milwaukee inspection violation corrections
  • Hoist rope replacements
  • Governor and governor cable replacements
  • Hydraulic control valve/pump replacements
  • Repacking of hydraulic cylinders
  • Installation of electronic door reopening devices

Annual State of Wisconsin Mandated Safety Testing

  • Category 1 Testing
  • Category 5 Testing

The State of Wisconsin requires that all elevators be Safety Tested. Traction and Hydraulic elevators must be tested by a State licensed elevator company on an annual basis (Category 1). Traction elevators must also be Safety Tested every 5 years (Category 5) including a full load Safety Test.

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement