Northwestern Elevator II Co.
Northwestern Elevator II Co.


Have you been told that your elevator needs to be completely replaced? At NWE II we believe that replacing your complete elevator system should be your last resort.

We have the expertise and knowledge to analyze your existing elevator equipment and whenever feasible, propose replacing only the necessary components to upgrade your elevator. The cost saving to you can be immense.

Detailed Elevator Modernization Services

  • Controller replacements
  • Power unit and drive machine replacements
  • A.D.A. upgrades/signal fixtures
  • Fire service upgrades
  • Door equipment replacement
  • Upgrade cab interiors

Non-Proprietary Guarantee

Any and all modernized equipment that is installed by NWE II is guaranteed 100% non-proprietary to the company and our clients. This means that any equipment provided by us can be serviced and maintained by any reputable elevator company. This encompasses all parts and even includes technical support.

Elevator Cab Renovations

Elevator Power Unit Replacement Drive Machine Replacement Elevator Controller Replacement